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Massage your woman's yoni (vagina) with your lingam (penis)

Use your lingam when giving massage to a woman will give her great pleasure.

Be good friends with your lingam
Some people speak badly about the male gender. Before you can give a woman massage using your lingam, you really need to love your lingam and integrate it with your love, your care, your desires and your sexuality. Your lingam is not something separated from the rest of you. You are your lingam.

Taichi, massage, meditation, therapy, yoga etc.
In order to be integrated with your lingam it is healthy if you get a lot of therapy so that your mind will be free from hatred or sorrow or fear. Keep the body flexible. It is also important that you interact with your feelings, so you can be empathetic and compassionate. Meditation helps you to connect with spiritual love.

Your lingam must be pure love
When you massage your woman with your lingam, you give her pure love. Use desire and eroticism to induce spiritual love when she are comfortable with you. Finish the massage with gentle presence.

Lingam massage heals the woman

Your boyfrined can use his lingam to express great love
Already when you're young, most women have experienced being sexually taken in an unloving way. When the man is affected of alcohol, or if the man is very frustrated, he might take the woman too hard. It may also occur because the man is too young and immature and do not know how a woman should be loved.

The vagina can withstand almost anything. To be taken too hard can physically hurt, but the soreness will disappear.
What will remain though is sorrow in the vagina.

Vagina remember an unkind man
Bad sex will leave fear of masculine energy. The fear is stored in the woman's vagina, and the fear makes her unknowingly tense in the neck during sex. It is ta reaction we cannot control. If a woman's vagina has been hurt a few times too many, it will tighten when a new man's lingam approaches.

A hurt woman will think more and feel less
When the vagina is tense, the consequences are serious. The woman begins to think during sex. She feels trapped in her head during sex. She has difficulties noticing her eroticism. Sex becomes too hard, and she does not feel that she can relax. Mostly, she focused on getting the man to come and be satisfied, and even have some kind of relief if it is possible. But sex may by stressful because she feels trapped in the head, she feels the tensions in the throat and neck, and afterwards she notice that she is sad.

A loving lingam will heal the vagina
Your lovely man should learn how to massage your vagina lovingly with his lingam. The more lovingly he can take you sexually, the more relaxed the vagina will become. A loving lingam will heal the vagina, and therefore some male tantra massage therapists will offer to massage the yoni with their lingam. This may be fine and well if the woman has a sincere desire to get healed by a loving lingam.

The greatest healing of yoni is the tantra massage as such. Tantra will cause your neck to loosen so you can be more integrated in the body when you have sex with your lover. When the neck relaxes it creates confidence and transparency in the vagina.

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