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Tantra massage and tantric sex

Tantra massage can be a shortcut to enjoy tantric sex. When you receive the massage you are relaxed and shall not do anything in return. Feel free to do anything, but you don't have to do anything. It's freedom of tantra.

When two people are both able to love and caress each other in a tantric way, then it becomes tantric sex.

If you invite your girlfriend to a course in a tantra, you can together learn to give each other tantramassage, and thus begin to practice tantric sex.

Yes, you may ejaculate in tantra

It is a myth that one cannot ejaculate when enjoying tantric sex. Of course you may!
But tantra has an effect on body and soul, which is much greater than the release of energy. With tantra you can experience orgasms which will free you from oppression, without the release of energy.

You may be empathetic, sensitive, greedy, responsible in tantra

It is a myth that tantra is about "special techniques", or "advanced settings". Tantra is a question of using your whole being when you are having love with your girlfriend. Therefore, it can be beneficial to practice yoga, meditation, sensory exercises, and deeper talks about feelings.
Tantra is a total experience that is thousands of miles away from porn.

You may enjoy tantra for hours

It is a myth that Tantra takes a long time (and thus is a bit boring.) Tantra is a special mode of presence, eroticism, desire and love. Tantra gives you and your lover fresh energy. Tantra can last 10 seconds or a whole night. Enjoy it as long as you like.

Tantra opens your sexuality

It is a myth that Tantra demands special requirements or have many rules. Tantra is freedom. Tantra opens up your connection with your entire sexuality. This gives you the desire to make love with your lover every day! Not because you have to, but because tantra gives you enjoyment for the whole body and soul.

Porn sex is a burger picked up from the greasy floor. Tantric sex is the best restaurant in town, where all the waiters and the chefs are just focused on giving you and your girlfriend the most delicious experience.

You may well be you! Every day! Always

It is a myth that Tantra requires a certain behavior and a special meal plan. Tantra is freedom! You may well be you because you are beautiful already.
Tantra offers the opportunity to discover it.
That you are beautiful, and that life is wonderful, because it is.

This concludes the ad campaign on tantric sex for today.

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How to learn Happy Tantra?

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What is tantra massage?

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What is tantra sex?

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