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Tantra massage is an intimate body-to-body massage

We talk a lot and read books and think about life: But in the end we understand it only when we feel it with our senses.

Tantra is an intimate experience where you meet new sides of yourself, in the so called real life.

Tantra massage and sex

Tantra is to many people something finer and higher than regular mating sex. Sex is largely procreation, where tantra is something much bigger. The masseur considers Tantra as a healing force that creates consistency, confidence, joy and optimism in the woman. Yet there are many who claim tantra massage is only sex.
And surely, there is a lot in the tantra massage the reminds us of sex.

Both the woman and tantric masseur is naked
All parts of the body is massaged
Her private parts are massaged gently, intimately and eroticly
The woman is free to enjoy, but there is no requirements
The woman may be very excited or fall sleep.
The woman may experience all kinds of feelings and emotions
The woman is allowed to have an orgasm, but she shall not
She may enjoy her body in her own preferred way.

That is why tantra something other than sex. Tantra is the healing of the woman.

Tantra creates relaxed well being

Tantra do not know the time and has no target. Tantra is to be here in the moment.
Tantra offers closeness, love, joy , fulfillment, community, excitement, redemption, reflection, relief, forgiveness, respect. Tantra does not have a deadline for you - it is a journey into love for yourself and for the rest of the world.

Tantra massage arouses delight of living

Tantra Massage can give you some of the experiences of closeness, contemplation, liberation, joy and happiness that you find in tantric sex. Just let go away and enjoy the body's delight.

Tantra massage is not mating sex. Tantra massage is healing of sexuality, increased physicality, a strongers sense of self, more happiness.

Feeling is stronger than words

You can read about Italy. How hot it is there. What they eat. How the weather is. How cities are built.
But it's only when you're in Italy, you really experience the country and say "I know well of Italy, I've been there."

Same with everything spiritual. We have to feel it ourself, we have to be there.

We read about tantra, and watch movies and listen to friends talking about it. But to understand the tantra, you have to enjoy it with your body, mind, spirit and soul.
It's very intimate to study tantra, and only meant for the brave.

When you see the rain in a movie, there is a distance. When you hear about tantra, there is the same distance.
But when you learn tantra, the distance diminishes, you are in tantra. You feel the heat and humidity on your skin. Your heart is pounding and you're excited.

To feel it with your body is to know it.

How to learn Happy Tantra?

How to learn Happy Tantra?

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What is tantra massage?

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