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Massage his lingam with love and desire

The man accumulates emotional tensions in his penis. Every time he gets sad or he gets angry, the emotions are stored in his lingam.

Emotions are stored in the shaft and in the head of the penis (the glans). With tantra massage you are able to massage some of the tensions out of both body and soul of the man.

When you massage the man's lingam, apply your hands, your mouth, your breasts and your yoni as needed. The man may ejaculate if he wants, but it is better for him if he collects the energy and reach an orgasm.

The strongest massage is your love and your intension. Throughout life most men have experienced women who did not like him lingam. Therefore he is particularly sensitive to how you relate to his lingam. He checks if you really love his lingam.

Never ever be a servant to your man

Porn sex and mating sex are miles away from tantra.

In tantra you never caress the man like you were a nice servant. You should only massage the lingam, kiss it and suck it with you mouth, massage it with your yoni if you do it for your own sake! If you satisfy a man for his sake, you better be paid good and leave tantra.

In tantra you are a free woman who decides, what she want!

So question is: "Do you love the lingam?"
In tantra you should, or we better go back to porn sex.

Love his lingam and his sperm

A good massage of lingam is about loving lingam and loving the man's sperm.
It doesn't matter if the man gets fysical release while you massage him.

The most important thing is that the man feels loved and that all his feelings are welcome while receiving the massage.

How to learn Happy Tantra?

How to learn Happy Tantra?

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What is tantra massage?

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What is tantra sex?

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What is yoni massage?

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What is lingam massage?

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