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Tantra Course to become a professional Tantra Masseur

Tantra School of Europe offers master education in the art of sharing a spiritual tantric massage.
Be a professional tantra masseur in just a weekend.

Become a professional tantric masseur in Denmark
If you have got some experience in the art of...

♥ Meditation

♥ Body Awareness

♥ Empaty

♥ Meaning of Life

♥ Spiritual Love

...then you are qualified to become a tantric masseur. Take the course in Denmark in just one weekend, or have the school at your place.

You will be certified in the end of the course as a professional tantra masseur.

Need a longer training?
Tantra School exprects you to be rather good at being empathetic and loving. That is the basis of our fast track to become a tantra masseuer.
On the Internet you can find tantra training which takes longer and therefore better be able to support people who need to develop basic skills before they are tantra masseurs.

Tantra School requires a lot of you
Tantra School places great demands on you because we have so little time to educate yourself to professional tantra masseur. On the other hand we certify your qualification when you have passed the program, and we will support you in every way to establish yourself as tantra masseur.

Certified Professionel Tantra Masseur

You'll become certified professional tantra massage therapist when you have completed the training. In your training you will learn to meet our professional requirements on empathic abilities, a serene sexuality, a calm mind, a loving heart.

If the student for some reason do not meet our standards, we will not be able to issue a certificate from Tantra School. Until now, this has never happened, maybe because we make a great effort to attract only qualified students.

Wants to have a fine weekend in the name of Tantra, and at the same time gain insight and training for giving tantra massage professionally? You are welcome in Denmark, or in your area.

How to learn Happy Tantra?

How to learn Happy Tantra?

What is tantra massage?

What is tantra massage?

What is tantrasex?

What is tantra sex?

What is yoni massage?

What is yoni massage?

What is lingam massage?

What is lingam massage?

Become a professional tantra masseur. Fast track for you!

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