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Do you want to become a professional tantra masseur?

You must have a personal experience with...

♥ Meditation

♥ Body awareness

♥ Empathy

♥ The meaning of life

♥ Unconditional love

...then you are qualified to train you to become a professional tantra masseur.

You can take the program in One weekend. The intense training takes place in Aarhus, Denmark (Airport nearby). You should expect some long days from morning to night. You'll need to find some accommodation Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday night. We end our training at 20 in the evening, and starts at 8 o'clock in the morning.

Don't want to visit Denmark?
If you want to host the weekend, the school can travel to your place somewhere in Europe. Feel free to give us a call and ask for having a weekend or a week of learning tantra in your area.

What is tantra massage?

Connect deepter with your sexuality and enjoy the beauty of life
Tantra massage contains overwhelming amounts of love, peace of mind, spirituality, desire and sensitivity. Tantra massage is like bathing in a sea of happiness. With tantra you'll get an erotic and spiritual massage to your whole being.

Tantra continues where the book ends
When we experience the happiness of being in the body we put our sexuality free. By feeling the body more deeply we submerge into our full powers.
No books can give you that relief. No lectures. No movies. Tantra massage leads you into the body's paradise, so you can cheer on your way through life. Tantra massage offers you a genuine reality that begins when you read your last line in the book about tantra.

Tantra massage for men

As a man you know how we are focused on being satisfied sexually and ejaculate. Same in Tantra. Pleas do ejaculate if you like to make the tantra massage deeply satisfying. But frankly, the price is too high. Good ejaculations are available everywhere. Tantra massage can give you something much larger and finer.

Do you ejaculate in tantra massage?
Some female tantra massage therapists help the man to experience himself deeper by avoiding triggering the man's energy release. These masseurs work hard to give you the orgastic gift of tantra. If you read on a female masseur website that you should not ejaculate during the massage, then she probably is a woman who understands the deepest tools of tantra: namely the ability for you to become yourself as a more whole man.

Other female tantra massage therapists end their massage with a "happy end". This is okay to ejacoilate in tantra, but often it may be better to avoid the release of energy and instead use it for an orgasm.

Tantra massage will develop you as a human being that is much more than a crisp ejaculation. If you focus on letting the energy transform into an orgasm, you'll have more vitality. More sensitivity. More love. Greater joy of living.
Tantra massage will turn you into a more loving and strong man who really knows how to love a woman from the heart.
You'll get more stability into your life and people will be happier to be with you.

Tantra massage for women

As a woman you know that the actual intercourse feels better and more beautiful when you experience the man's love.
But you also have noticed that men have a strong focus on raw mating and ejaculation. There seems to be a gene in the male psyche which "forces" him to have sex with as many women as possible in the shortest possible time.

The focus of the make to conquer you and fertilize you can have negative impacts on your experience of yourself and of your body. It is common to meet women who have experienced being treated like "a piece of meat" or "a hole".

Typically women enjoys mating and having children, but the mating sex will not satisfy her if she wants love and erotics. Tantra is a way of enjoying the wonders of sex that is that so much deeper than the mating sex used for creating children.

Feel your whole body and your whole being

Tantra massage aims to share 3 gifts with you, which you might miss in life. The three gifts are:

♥ Happiness
♥ Joy
♥ Fearlessness

During your visit to tantra masseur he will do his utmost to give you those 3 gifts. He will treat your body with respect and responsibility. He will use his inner masculine power to wake you up. He will use his empathy - which is connected to eroticism - to make you soft in your muscles and skin. He will give you the opportunity to achieve liberation - the tantric understanding of the word orgasm - so you can let go of fear and just float with the universal energies.

Will the male therapist use his lingam?
The masculine power in a female is connected to the clitoris, and her feminine power is connected to her vagina. When you reach a peak of sexual enjoyment, most women experience a great difference between energy release in those two areas.

Therefore the male tantra therapist will stimulate your clitoris with fingers, the warmth of the penis head, the warmth of his breath, maybe the tip of his tung. The vagina he will stimulate using his lingam in order to massage tensions away and for you to feel the happines of female sexuality.

Your preferred tantra therapist might not use neither fingers or his lingam, but surely he will always use spiritual love, devotion and liberation.
In fact, you can get tantra massage with all your clothes on if you'd prefer. You don't have to be naked to enjoy tantra.

Professional Tantra Massage in Europe

A great weekend with a lot of personal development

Dear Ambiorn. I've recently been with you for educating me to become a Tantra massage therapist. 24 hours of intense training. Teaching alternated between theory and Tantra massage. You are a great tantric masseur and a competent facilitator / teacher. As I flew back to London from Aarhus, after receiving 24 hours of training, I felt a great energy in me, well being of body + soul, free and happy. I felt ready to give future clients a Tantric massage with love.
Thanks Ambjorn for a great weekend with a lot of personal development, thanks.
Loving greetings from Ann
Thanks Ann :-) You had it all with you, so it was a great pleasure to be with you for a long weekend in the universe of tantra. Your future customers really have something to look forward to when they book a tantra massage with you :-)
Love in Heart

Great weekend :-)

Hello Ambjorn, BIG THANKS from Stockholm. Perfect "real time" scenario today with a beautiful complement to your tantra concepts based on the the 4 archetypes with associated Pragmatics - i.e. a high degree of utility in your Theory - it is not "just" a theory but could unfold through lovely massage and demonstrate its applicability to the course itself! ... present moment force ... great weekend :-) I myself have been moved - and it is thanks to your superior human knowledge and desire to work with my person.
All best to you, Ara
Thanks for your greeting my friend. You're a wonderful tantra massage therapist :-)
Lov in Heart

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How to learn Happy Tantra?

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What is tantra massage?

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What is tantra sex?

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What is yoni massage?

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What is lingam massage?

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